Casa del Relojero

Escape Room
Casa del Relojero escape room Madrid

You have been summoned to the country house of Professor Archimedes Smith, also known as El Relojero for his fame in the design of automata and mechanisms for all sorts of purposes.

As admirers of Professor Smith’s work you also know that he is said to be quite manic and even paranoid and in fact he has long since disappeared from the public scene.

The invitation specifies that the guardian of the estate will be waiting for you at the agreed time at the entrance and that he also has to give you something…

Do you accept the invitation?

From 2 up to 6 players
  • Recommended number of players

    from 4 to 5 players

  • Price


  • Success rate


  • Duration

    70 minutes

  • Record Time

    41 minutes and 52 seconds

  • Language

    Spanish and English

  • Inaugurated

    May 2019

  • People with reduced mobility


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La casa del Relojero

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