Esfinge Lógica S.L. (hereinafter we or the company) is pleased to offer a series of escapism experiences for groups (hereinafter the experience or activity). If you are interested in booking any of our experiences, please read the following information describing the conditions of the experiences.

Our experiences do not require physical or athletic effort, but we recommend the use of comfortable clothing and footwear. The company will make lockers available to customers so that they can deposit any object that might bother them.

Likewise, clients must leave their cell phones, tools or any other tools not related to the activity in the lockers for the duration of the activity.

The company provides restrooms and a water dispenser before and after the activity. No food or beverages may be brought into the room.

Before the activity is carried out, participants will be asked to fill out a consent form with the conditions expressed here and in accordance with the data protection law. In the same form optionally customers may optionally write down an email or whatsapp number for the commercial file of Esfinge Lógica S.L. Also as a team they will write down if YES/NO they want the Esfinge team to make with their means a photocall (themed photograph of the team after the activity) that will be uploaded to the social networks of Esfinge. In no case the data of customers will be used for commercial purposes or their image in Social Networks if they do not accept it as expressed here.

If the staff of the company considers that a customer is under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic drugs, they may expel the customer from the premises without refunding the amount paid.

Customers shall respect at all times the indications of the company’s staff. Otherwise, the staff may expel customers without refunding the amount paid.


For the proper functioning of our services, clients are requested to arrive punctually at the time of their reservation, at least five minutes, and if possible, to wait until all the participants have gathered to enter the premises.

In case of arriving more than a quarter of an hour late with respect to the time of the reservation, the Esfinge staff may choose to cancel the activity without refunding the amount of the reservation or, in agreement with the clients, to carry out the activity by deducting from the time of the activity the minutes of delay after the first fifteen minutes.


Our activities are suitable for people from 9 to 99 years old, although groups under 16 years old must be accompanied by at least one adult. Due to the level of difficulty of the enigmas in our rooms, we do not recommend them for groups formed mainly by children.

Our facilities comply with the accessibility regulations for people with reduced mobility.

Each experience in its description and booking forms indicates the minimum and maximum number of people that can participate in the experience, and it is not possible to exceed these limits.

We do not recommend our experiences to those who suffer from claustrophobia, anxiety or other acute nervous conditions or severe cardiac problems.


In our booking section you will be able to choose among the available experiences, dates and schedules. You must indicate the estimated number of participants, and the number of attendees may vary on the day of the event.

When booking you will be informed of the price of the experience for each number of participants and that you pay a deposit of 30 Euros through the established means, paying the rest of the amount of the experience on the day of the experience depending on the number of participants attending. This payment will be made prior to the realization of the experience by cash or credit card.

You may cancel a reservation, by e-mail or telephone, up to 72 hours before the date of the reservation, in which case, at your choice, the deposit will be refunded or the day of the reservation will be changed.

In case of non-appearance, the deposit will not be refunded, nor will the company be obliged to move the activity to another date.

If a reserved activity is not carried out for reasons directly attributable to the company, the company will proceed to refund the amount paid.


Payments of purchases to Esfinge Lógica S.L. through the web www.esfinge-escape.com are madre through Redsys (official payment channel of BBVA) with all encryption systems and data transfer security through the SSL protocol, so the buyer will enjoy at all times with the protection of these channels.

All online payments are processed from the following address:

Esfinge Lógica S.L.
CIF B88108238
C/ Rodriguez San Pedro, 16, 1ºC,
28015 Madrid,


Esfinge Lógica S.L. was registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, with entry number 1/2018/72.122,0 journal 100 entry 636, dated May 18, 2018, in volume 37737, folio 90, entry 1 with sheet M-672284.