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The archaeological society needs you!

In the Tercera Dinastía of ancient Egypt, Imhotep,  hihg priest of Pharaoh Djoser, built the first great Egyptian monument:the pfirst step pyramid of  Saqqara.

Such was the erudition of Imhotep, that at his death he was deified as god of sages and scribes. However, his knowledge was lost with the passing of the millennia.

From the back streets of the Cairo bazaar to the desert sands, lead the expedition to recover the secrets of la Tercera Dinastía.

From 2 up to 6 players
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    from 4 to 5 players

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  • Duration

    90 minutes

  • Record Time

    53 minutes and 18 seconds

  • Language

    Spanish and English

  • Inaugurated

    November 2022

  • People with reduced mobility

    Not Available

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Tercera Dinastía

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