Covid Protocol

At Esfinge escape room we are aware of the current health situation. That is why we have developed a protocol to ensure the safety of our players and staff. It is based on the guidelines dictated by the government and the studies carried out in the escape room sector.

A large part of it is internal operating rules. As a client you should know that:

* All our activities are done by appointment, with groups of no more than 6 players.

*At no time you are going to cross with members of another team.

*A general cleaning of the premises will be done at the end of each day and a cleaning of the rooms visited and the elements that compose them after each session. Therefore, we extend the time between sessions of the same game to a minimum of three hours.

*Our air conditioning system allows a regular ventilation of all the rooms of the premises.

In addition, Esfinge needs your collaboration:

*Now more than ever, punctuality is requested. All team members should arrive punctually, at the time of booking and wait outside for your game director to come out to meet you.

*People showing symptoms compatible with COVID-19 will not be allowed access. If any member of the team suffers from these symptoms or believes to have been exposed, please call us as soon as possible at 640626384 in order to postpone the session to another day.

*The use of a mask is recommended for both staff and clients.

*Hydro-alcoholic gel is available to our clients before, during and after the activity.

*Our toilet, adapted for people with reduced mobility, is at our clients’ disposal, although we ask that it be used only if it is essential.

*As a courtesy we offer a water dispenser. If you need to drink, before taking the glass, use hydro-alcoholic gel. At the end of your stay, please dispose of your glass in the trash can with lid.

*Make sure to pay for the session by credit card, in a single operation.

*At the end of the session, if you wish, we will make a photocall for our Social Networks with the company’s cell phone.

*Follow the instructions of your game director at all times.

In the booking confirmation email we will include the most important points that you should know.

Following these simple rules together we will escape from COVID !